Friday, September 12, 2008

People I Want to Kill, Vol. II

Originally posted on myspace: December 5, 2006 - Tuesday

People I Want to Kill Vol. 2
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As I sit here in the computer lab waiting for this slow ass plotter to plot out my floor plans so I can build my model under 24 hours so I can be finished in time for pin up (why such a short amount of time? don't ask. I'll write another blog about it... but I'll let you know that that installment will include the first "non person" people I would like to kill... my computer - or rather, the dead computer that fucked up my life... I digress)...

So anyway, I'm sitting here waiting for suck ass plot... and I'm sitting next to Laura who, I have just discovered, has already finished her model. FINISHED HER MUTHERFUCKING MODEL!!! I can't believe that shit. Of course, HER computer didn't fry and fuck up her life and her progress for final presentation, so of course, she finished. So as a result, I have decided to include Laura in the People I Want to Kill series. Don't get me wrong. I love the girl. She's one of my Insomnia Crew girls and a homegirl for life, but right now, she deserves to be the focus of my wrath. Here goes:

People I want to Kill Vol. 2: LAURA FERGUSON.

I want to kill you Laura because you're done. I'm watching you do some weird shit in sketch up right now and look up hopelessly at the printout of your perspective drawings. I don't have those. They went bye bye. So did my plans. So did my elevations. So did my life. You finished your model and the only thing I can think of to do is to set you on fire using the kindling created from your model scraps. I'm going over to studio, finding your model scraps (or someone else s, I don't care), waiting for you to show up, hog tie you and then tie you to the rather large basswood pole I bought the other day, then set the model scraps underneath you and set you afire.

Yeah, that sounds good. Death by fire. FIRE I SAY!!!

So poetic. Using your model scraps as kindling. I'm a fucking genius.

Please excuse the very bad grammar, word usage, and sentence structure in this blog. I'm agro, tired and frankly, FRUSTRATED.

Ok, I'm gonna go hide in a dark corner and wait for Laura to come 'round so I can pounce on her and set her ablaze.

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