Monday, June 24, 2002

Allergic Reaction to Being Awake

Have you ever awoken in the morning, not ready to wake, and therefore your eyes sting and tear as a result? Or maybe it's just allergies. Time for an Allegra. Damn this weather.

Bad me. I have not been keeping up with my blog! I haven't found a new template yet ( = p to you Puni) and I haven't posted anything in a while. Why? Under deadline and trying to finish my script by Wednesday. I still have the whole third act to write as well as finish the second. Think I can do it? As a result, I haven't gone to the movies or travelling around the country to watch concerts, as everyone else is doing (I read the Puni blog and the Subverve blog when taking a break from writing). I know I went to the movies a couple of weeks ago. I saw that Ben Affleck deal, The Bum of All Queers. Actually, as a closet Clancey fan, I'd have to say, it was decent. Not the outright horror I thought it was going to be. Want desperately to see Insomnia and Windtalkers (John Woo fan too) but those will have to wait until I've finished my script. Don't get me wrong... I've been wanting to post something for some time. About friendship, the lack of friendship, and liars (oooh! a teaser!). But like I said, no time... and it's still stewing in my head. The next post will likely be about those subjects... but why don't you all tell me what you think about those things? Being a virtual loner lately (with exception to my Dude, my Dog, and the occasional Puni visit) I'd like to know what you all think about friends, lack of friends and liars. The gauntlet has been thrown down! I'll read what you have to say and then tell you a story the next time I post.

I must go and wash the sting out of my eyes and continue writing the script. Side note to MadDogMcDoogan, in the comment you left on Puni's page on the post about me being a template theif, were you referring to me and me posting my writing on this page? Let me know... I plan on posting a few things... but mainly just rants or observations about weird or stupid people (including myself)... and the occasional gem of wisdom like this:

"The more crap you believe, the better off you are." ~ Charles Bukowski

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Titles and Comments

Again, Charles has dissed me on the comments box. Damn his Netscape! Again, I had to change the comments box and I wait impatiently for him to drive back down to SD so he can check to see if he can make a comment in the new fangled (but not as cool) comments box I have worked on. Oh, the agony!

Also, not sure if the Title will come out. One can only hope.

So, I guess, this entry will contain nothing important. Just another damned test.

Monday, June 17, 2002

Just when I thought I was out... Blog pulls me back in!

Apparently, the "Oh So Cool" comments box I had originally put on the blog page was not working for Charles and his Netscape (NetPoop)... hopefully this new one and just as "Oh So Cool" will bridge the Netscape/Internet Explorer gap. One can only hope.
Ok, I think I'm done messing around with the little tidbits on this blog page for now. But then again, I ask myself... "is there more stuff I can put on here?" Ok, the cutesy little bunny rabbits with the ballons as a counter may be a little over the top for me... but it was better than the corny "flame counter". I may or may not change that. At this point, unless they create an orca counter or something REALLY funky, the bunnies stay!

I'm stalling. I don't feel like writing today (script... "Blurry"... a couple of years in the making... at this stage, UNBEARABLE) but I have to finish the damned first draft to submit for an evaluation by the end of the month. A couple of weeks to write about 60 or so more pages. Can it be done... I sure hope so! If I quit stalling, then NO PROBLEM!

I can't wait till the damned thing is done so I can shelve it and move on to something else. It's not about the writer's block. It's all about the writer's dread. Ugh!
Despite... all my rage... I am still... just a rat... in a... cage. Yes, I've done it... I've ripped off Charles' blogger template. I'm a bad, bad person! Somebody stop me!

Please bear with me and the strange postings until I'm done tweaking my blog. Now to find a counter... I'm hooked!

Ok, I go now...

Sunday, June 16, 2002

So I was at the Encino Shopping Center about a month ago to get my hair cut and to visit my friend Viv at her place of occupation, when I accidentally bumped into this older, over-dressed (for a Monday afternoon) white woman reeking of too much expensive perfume. I apologized profusely for bumping into her and instead of graciously accepting my apology, she decided to call me a "damn Arab". WHAT?? What is that all about? One, I am not an Arab (I am Filipina) and two, DOES THAT EVEN MATTER? I don't THINK so! And if I wasn't so respectful of my ELDERS, I would have bopped her one on her gray head. I walked off wondering... "What is wrong with people? Is ignorance really bliss?". Because let's face it, that woman was ignorant. What do you all think?