Monday, July 20, 2009

There and Back Again.

I have just at this moment realized that it has been NINE MONTHS since I've written in this blog. In fact, since I've written ANYTHING. This is sad and makes me want to throw things at passersby.

I know exactly why I haven't written since my pathetic youtube posting last October. Two words: Fuckin' School. The posting last October was not only just before the presidential election (OBAMA!) but also just before the beginning of finals hell for my 7th design studio. The semester afterward, and the main cause for my general discontent and surly attitude for five months was Senior Studio. Thesis. Otherwise known as FUCKING HELL. I'm not going to even get into why it was so torturous and why I am VERY upset about many MANY things that happened as a result of that studio. I AM going to say that I did graduate and that, my friends, is some awesome stuff. I FINALLY finished college (though I'm still waiting for my damned diploma) and I gotta say, I'm quite chuffed. I set out to do this thing, later in life, I finished it and I feel...



And... I'm absolutely DONE with school. If you asked me if I would ever go back to get my master's, I'd have to say, at this particular moment in time: HELL FUCKING NO! I don't think I could go through another 2 - 3 years of hellishness like that. It was almost unbearable toward the end. Absolute hell.

But I'm proud of myself for going through it and seeing it all the way through. And I learned a lot. A hell of a lot.

So what does this mean? It means my ass is looking for work AND writing. That's right. I'm going to start writing again. I've dedicated myself to getting back in shape both physically and mentally. Writing is a huge part of my mental growth and stability, believe it or not. So whatever neuroses I need to work through you three people who read my blog will get to partake if you so desire. I'm also dedicated to finishing the book I started years ago once and for all. Then we'll see what happens with that.

But I promise to keep this up to date.

There will probably be more People I Want to Kill entries as well. I find that now that I'm out in the world, A LOT of people tend to piss me the fuck off.

So become a fan of this blog if you like. You can do so at the little widget thing off to the right of this blog. Let me know what you all think... and I'll be talking to you all soon enough.

Now on to Chapter 3 of the book.