Monday, March 28, 2011

Introducing... Ms. Farty McFartersons!

There have been quite a few things that have happened in the last day or so: Christine walked around a little bit (yay!), she sat up in a chair for a few hours (double yay!), got moved from the ICU into a regular room (triple yay!), and FINALLY farted. (woohoo!)

Everyone was pretty happy she got moved out of the ICU, but it took a while for them to find a bed for her. Apparently they had been trying to find a bed since last night, and was only able to find one this afternoon. She got moved into the new room about 2:15pm. The new nurse took her vitals, got her all set up and then told us that they would come back in in about four hours to check her vitals again. SEVEN HOURS later, the next new nurse was finally able to check her vitals. And one of her machines starting beeping, which Christine's roommate's nurse (oh, did I tell you it's a shared room? Dammit) told us it was a warning to the nurses that the epidural machine was running low on meds. So we waited for them to change the meds... and waited... and then Matt and I left because visiting hours were over (oh yeah, they wouldn't let Matt stay in the room overnight because it's a shared room)... and then when I finally got back to my parents' house in Chino (which was about 11pm) Christine texted me to let me know that she JUST got her meds. So yeah... we miss the ICU because we didn't have any of that shit happen, ever.

So, Christine is now a farting machine! Sweet! Still not totally sure when she can start getting something more than ice chips, which is what she's had since she's gotten out of surgery. At one point the nurse sent in the attending physician because we were wondering when they would let her have something and he was a really big help. If by big help he actually did jack shit, then yes, he was a big help. He could not tell us when she'd be able to get some sustenance nor what the estimate was for her length of stay, although he did tell us that her surgery team would be coming by sometime tomorrow morning to talk to her about... um... stuff.

For all who are wondering, "So how is Chris doing?" she's doing fine. She's looking much better and says that she's feeling fine. She isn't super out of it, although the pain medication can make her a little drowsy. She would still love for everyone to come and visit, if you can, and you don't have to worry about the farting. It doesn't smell.


P.S. Christine should be able to update the blog from now on, which is good, since I will be going back home to Seattle tomorrow afternoon and she is doing much better.