Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Titles and Comments

Again, Charles has dissed me on the comments box. Damn his Netscape! Again, I had to change the comments box and I wait impatiently for him to drive back down to SD so he can check to see if he can make a comment in the new fangled (but not as cool) comments box I have worked on. Oh, the agony!

Also, not sure if the Title will come out. One can only hope.

So, I guess, this entry will contain nothing important. Just another damned test.

Monday, June 17, 2002

Just when I thought I was out... Blog pulls me back in!

Apparently, the "Oh So Cool" comments box I had originally put on the blog page was not working for Charles and his Netscape (NetPoop)... hopefully this new one and just as "Oh So Cool" will bridge the Netscape/Internet Explorer gap. One can only hope.
Ok, I think I'm done messing around with the little tidbits on this blog page for now. But then again, I ask myself... "is there more stuff I can put on here?" Ok, the cutesy little bunny rabbits with the ballons as a counter may be a little over the top for me... but it was better than the corny "flame counter". I may or may not change that. At this point, unless they create an orca counter or something REALLY funky, the bunnies stay!

I'm stalling. I don't feel like writing today (script... "Blurry"... a couple of years in the making... at this stage, UNBEARABLE) but I have to finish the damned first draft to submit for an evaluation by the end of the month. A couple of weeks to write about 60 or so more pages. Can it be done... I sure hope so! If I quit stalling, then NO PROBLEM!

I can't wait till the damned thing is done so I can shelve it and move on to something else. It's not about the writer's block. It's all about the writer's dread. Ugh!
Despite... all my rage... I am still... just a rat... in a... cage. Yes, I've done it... I've ripped off Charles' blogger template. I'm a bad, bad person! Somebody stop me!

Please bear with me and the strange postings until I'm done tweaking my blog. Now to find a counter... I'm hooked!

Ok, I go now...

Sunday, June 16, 2002

So I was at the Encino Shopping Center about a month ago to get my hair cut and to visit my friend Viv at her place of occupation, when I accidentally bumped into this older, over-dressed (for a Monday afternoon) white woman reeking of too much expensive perfume. I apologized profusely for bumping into her and instead of graciously accepting my apology, she decided to call me a "damn Arab". WHAT?? What is that all about? One, I am not an Arab (I am Filipina) and two, DOES THAT EVEN MATTER? I don't THINK so! And if I wasn't so respectful of my ELDERS, I would have bopped her one on her gray head. I walked off wondering... "What is wrong with people? Is ignorance really bliss?". Because let's face it, that woman was ignorant. What do you all think?