Friday, October 03, 2008

I make things that glow in the dark...

This is an old project from last year for a light installation with my Constructions class. I just really liked these pictures taken with my camera phone so i thought I'd put them up. this is probably one of the few projects I am happy with.

I know this is a totally random posting, but I need to feel proud of something right now while I'm in the middle of midterm hell working on a project I'm not quite happy with yet. There's potential. But then again, there's always potential...

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

People I Want to Kill, Vol. IV

Yes people, you have read correctly! A new P.I.W.T.K since 2007. This prick deserves it...

I bet you all are thinking "Jeez, Lotus... you seem to have a lot of pent up aggression! Another People I Want to Kill? Pray tell... what in the world is going on?"

Or something to that effect.

Well, let me tell you, dear reader... it's either the culmination of three and a half years of stress, no sleep, excess caffeine and nicotine OR I'm just experiencing an increasing amount of assholes who make me want to go postal on them.

And yes, I do have a lot of aggression.

Let us begin...

For this installment of P.I.W.T.K., I would love to drag naked with a runaway chariot over shards of broken glass my Condescending Elitist Construction Documents Instructor. Again, no names. But those of you who go to my school know exactly who I'm talking about.

Yep. You read correctly. I want to have this asshole stripped down to his birthday suit by self proclaimed sodomites (they can butt fuck him all they want while they strip him down), tie him up by the pinky toes (both of them to ensure he stays attached. If they break... oh fucking well.) and secure him to the rear of an old rickety chariot a la "Gladiator" or "Troy". The bumpier the better. I would have a really pissed off bucking bronco drag his sorry ass over a HUGE field of broken glass infected with Hepatitis A,B, & C, The Plague, and the Ebola Virus. Don't worry - the bronco will have a protective suit on so he/she does not get infected. This is an animal friendly blog, people.

Here is a little diagram that my friend and fellow classmate of the Condescending Elitist Prick's class, Alaska drew of the proposed path of travel including obstacles and the infected shards of glass:

I propose dragging and jostling him around until all his skin has ripped off. All screams and cries of agony will be ignored as those who happen to be witness to this joyous event will be equipped with earplugs that block out ALL sound, a camera, and popcorn.

Of course, I know that those of you who are not part of this asshole's class are wondering why I want to kill him. What could this "man" have possibly done to incur such wrath from a general pacifist such as myself.

Well first let me show you a couple of pictures drawn by Alaska that may explain just a little of what this man is:


Why is he "wrong" in this picture? Because this man is big headed as this picture clearly demonstrates. The previous picture also has comments added by Alaska showing just how big his head is and can get during the course of one class. It's as if his whole purpose in life is to constantly berate and belittle the students in his classes. I felt this in studio last semester and I'm feeling it (magnified 100%) in this fucked up class. Let me give you a "for instance":

He will ask the class a question and then stand at the front of the class waiting for us to answer the question. The problem is... WE DON'T FUCKING KNOW THE ANSWER! Why??? Because he never TAUGHT us whatever the fuck he's asking us. It comes out of the blue! Isn't he supposed to, say, I don't know, TEACH us something in one class, and THEN ask us the fucking question? So that we know what the hell he's talking about, in what context, etc etc??? NO! He asks us questions about shit we've never been taught and that he has no intention of teaching us unless we happen to glean the information from his big ass head through osmosis. You're a teacher, you fuckin' asshole! TEACH THE FUCKING CLASS!!!!

Now, this is a Construction Documents class. I won't get into the semantics of the class or the whole thing about "It's 2 units, yet we probably do more work in this class than our 5 unit studio class" or the "I already have a studio class where I must design something, so why in this class do I have to design yet another thing???" or "why the hell aren't I learning how to create a set of construction documents in the first month and then being asked questions about construction documents after that first month and expected to know all the answers as if I've already been taught those things?". Oh wait, I did get into it...

This man is so constantly "wrong" in how he treats us as not only students, but also in how he treats us as HUMANS. Example: When turning in a sheet from our construction document for review (which, by the way, we question the whole way but he's too good to answer our questions citing: "I'm not here to teach you CAD. You should already know it." even though the questions are about the CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENT that he is SUPPOSED to be teaching us about...), this sheet must be folded in a certain way. I have a friend in my class who was not in attendance during the all important This Is How You Fold A Construction Doc Sheet For Turn In demonstration. She folded it and turned it in. He asked during class, "Who's is this?" holding up her sheet. She started to walk over to him as she stated that the sheet was for her team. Instead of handing it to her once she approached his "throne", he cast off the offensive document and THREW IT ON THE FLOOR. She had to lean over and pick it up. She was only off by one fold.


Those of us in the back of the classroom watched in horror as an audible gasp escaped our lips in unison. We could not believe what he had just witnessed. I, personally, wanted to jump over the series of desks that divided us and smack him with my slippers right there. Fuck that. I wanted to stab him in the eye with my sharpie. Fuckin' asshole.

In addition to all I've stated so far, he says we aren't listening when we are and constantly makes us feel as if we're insignificant pieces of shit that he just happened to accidentally step on. You can tell he thinks we ARE pieces of shit because the contempt he has for us just oozes from his pores. He looks at us as if we're stupid. He scoffs at us and rolls his eyes when we speak. He thinks that we should already know in one month of non-teaching what took him YEARS in an office to figure out. I, frankly, don't give a shit that he's been doing this for 20+ years or however long he's been doing this. We've been his students for one month. We don't know shit. And he's not teaching us shit.

I want to know...

How does our school keep paying an "instructor" who continuously demoralizes his students with every poisonous word that escapes his inflated head. Why is it that he left one department who despised him in order to to instill a sense of loathing and insignificance to another department? How does he continue to think that we, as students, must respect him solely based on the fact that he is our "instructor"?

In order to get respect from us you Elitist Egocentric Douche Bag, you must first respect the fact that we are students, eager to learn. And that you must TEACH us. And even though we are "students" we are first and foremost people, who share this godforsaken earth with you. We are just as good as you think you are. Respect for you as instructor is based on the fact that you teach us and teach us well. You need to earn this privilege. You give, we give. Enough said.

So with all that said, I'm going to start looking at finding that chariot, creating the pathway and breaking some glass. I'm going to break into the CDC labs and find some Hep A, B, & C, Ebola Virus and Plague vials.

Get ready you fascist pig. I'm gunning for you.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Darfur Diaspora Project

Confusion. My spatial organization and my concept are proving to be difficult to translate into this fucked up site we were given. A freakin' gymnasium! Give me a break!

And midterms are seven days away. Yikes!

Monday, September 29, 2008

This is what a mouse can do if you're not careful

The first injury of the school year. Yay!

That's what I get for not clicking in the correct position. ;)