Sunday, June 16, 2002

So I was at the Encino Shopping Center about a month ago to get my hair cut and to visit my friend Viv at her place of occupation, when I accidentally bumped into this older, over-dressed (for a Monday afternoon) white woman reeking of too much expensive perfume. I apologized profusely for bumping into her and instead of graciously accepting my apology, she decided to call me a "damn Arab". WHAT?? What is that all about? One, I am not an Arab (I am Filipina) and two, DOES THAT EVEN MATTER? I don't THINK so! And if I wasn't so respectful of my ELDERS, I would have bopped her one on her gray head. I walked off wondering... "What is wrong with people? Is ignorance really bliss?". Because let's face it, that woman was ignorant. What do you all think?

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